22 marca, 2019

Art Cafe — open discussion about art

Art is a huge subject with its own language, history and authorities, and it might feel overwhelming. But even without that knowledge, there can be something profound about our connection with an artwork.

When looking at a painting, you may or may not feel a connection. You might be inspired or bored. Appreciate or despise. We believe that there are no wrong answers. Everyone views art through a different context, but we are also limited only to our own perception.

Art Cafe is an open discussion format. It is about exploring art together, sharing our experience with different artworks. We want to give you the opportunity and empower to explore and share your impressions but also gain new perspectives by listening to other participants.

This is why Art Cafe is inclusive — everyone with or without a background in art is welcome. We will avoid using references to authorities and obscure terms. We will talk about our personal experience, not the theory or history of art.

Anyone can organize their own Art Cafe for their community. You can meet at a public exhibition, or gather artwork made by local artists in a library, the choice of artworks and space is up to you. We only ask you to be faithful to the original idea. That also means following a few simple guidelines:

– if you choose to use the name and concept, we ask you NOT to use it to promote other personal, artistic or business-related interests,
– do not charge people for participation (beside entrance fee to the gallery, if you can’t negotiate that),
– do not promote a specific artist, style or technique,
– let us know! We want to know about amazing people who see value in this format!